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International Freight Forwarders Directory lists Freight Forwarders arranging shipping of any commodity to or from Pakistan.

Companies presented specialize in international Air Freight (transport, cargo air transport, airplane container, etc.), international sea freight forwarding, road/rail forwarding and operating in Pakistan.
Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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All World Cargo Network
Allahabad Cargo Services
All World Cargo Network, international freight forwarders specialize in handling hazardous and sensitive materials.   Allahabad Cargo Services is an international freight forwarding company, established in 2000 having associates and business offices worldwide. The company performs various services in international and domestic logistics.
AMZ Logistics
Arshad Sualeh Corporation
AMZ is an international freight forwarding company, headquartered in Karachi. The company provides comprehensive transport services to and from the worldwide destinations.   Arshad Sualeh Corporation (ASC) is an international freight forwarder & clearing services provider, based in Pakistan. The company has been providing comprehensive air & sea freight services since 1988.
Astro Logistics International
Atlas Freight Systems
Astro Logistics International is providing the best service in Karachi & Lahore since 1998.We handle shipments through main ports of Karachi, Lahore and Sialkot to many places around the world. Our objective is to become indispensable in both areas.   Atlas Freight Systems is a Lahore, Pakistan based international freight forwarding company, independently operating internationally.
Aventis International
Ayhan International
Aventis International is a freight forwarding company, located in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The office is located about 200 yards from Karachi Port.   We (Ayhan Shipping & Logistics) are International Freight Forwarders and Logistic Service provider with corporate head office in Karachi. We have representative offices in all the Commercial and Industrial cities of the country.

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